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IAS gives you, the Artist, an opportunity to make a statement. After all, what better way to make a statement than with a Masterpiece? As the Artist, you’re not just creating art for art’s sake, you’re creating it for the people. Your goal is to inspire and motivate those who see your work, and to do so in a way that speaks to them on a personal level. You’re not just a content creator, you’re a teacher, a guide, and a friend. You’re someone who can show others that anything is possible if they just put their minds to it. The sky's the limit, so let imagination run wild!

IAS is the perfect choice for any Artist who wants to make a difference in the world.If you have a passion for art and a desire to inspire others, this is for you.


Art plays an important role in the development of our society. It helps us understand our past, present and future. Through art, we can express our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Art is a reflection of our society and our culture. It is a way for us to communicate our ideas and thoughts. Art can be used to raise awareness about social and political issues. Some people believe that art is only for the wealthy or for those who are considered to be “high culture”. However, this is not true. Art is for everyone. It is a way for us to express ourselves. Art is also a way for us to connect with people.

( In the past half century, artists have produced a series of works that have placed us in the midst of future history: the rise of the internet, the advent of artificial intelligence, the exploration of space and the development of new technologies. Now, we’re in the midst of a new wave of art that imagines a future in which the world has gone to shit. This is a future no one wants to live in, but one that we can’t seem to escape. In the past few years, artists have been drawn to the bleakest corners of the future, from the post-apocalyptic wasteland to the dystopian city. They’ve been inspired by the rise of the far right, the threat of climate change, and the accelerating pace of technology. And they’ve created a body of work that reflects our deepest fears about the future. We’ll look at the artists who are imagining a future in which the world has gone to shit, and we’ll try to understand what their work says about our present moment.)


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